Apr 192014

The Friends of Blue Dress Park welcome you to Blue Dress Park.
Location: Southwest corner of Reservoir and Holton in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anti-places can be social.

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Sep 212013


Each year, from the vast reaches of our city’s cultural geography, six highly-talented individuals are called to compete for the cup, the title, and the legacy that can only belong to the Best Artist in Milwaukee. There can only be one, and this fact is made only too clear as Blue Dress Cup Talent Analysts scour the city in search of those worthy to test their skills. Only those exhibiting the highest concentrations of Sensitivity, Individuality, Social Capacity, and Patience make the cut. Maybe it can be you.

On September 21st, 2013 the The first annual Blue Dress Cup competition was held, in cooperation with Doors Open Milwaukee. The BDC committee was proud to award the title of ‘Best Artist in Milwaukee’ to Murray, who fought fiercely against his competitors Elisabeth Albeck, Jacob Goudreault, Ashley Coffey, Christopher McIntyre, and Emmett Gross in a battle that will be remembered for years to come.

Blue Dress Cup is a board initiative founded by Sara Caron and led by the Blue Dress Cup Committee, which consists of Chairpersons Brad Fiore and Monica Miller as well as a roster of subcommittee heads including Adam Carr, Jenna Knapp, and Oliver Sydello.

Nov 092012

The Friends of Blue Dress are happy to present WC Tank’s independent production, Spending Time With Blue Dress Park. The video is inspired by the physical space of the park as well as the Friend’s bonus checkpoint at the RW24. WC Tank says of the work, “ … [the] absurdist documentary treats the park itself as a full character. … [the work] combines invented histories, imaginative descriptions and footage of events and un-events, painting a portrait of poetic potential for a marginalized anti-place.”

The video premiered at MDW Fair in Chicago Illinois in 2012.

Anyone can be a Friend of Blue Dress Park Associate. Let us know if you have an idea or project of mutual interest.

Oct 022012

Our new mascot Madison encourages you to vote for Blue Dress Park!

As a Friend, we urge you to vote for Milwaukee’s “Blue Dress Park Initiative” in the 2012 Space In Between Awards amid a bunch of Chicago entries.


It takes only 5 seconds!

Votes accepted until midnight Central, Friday Oct 5.

Thanks so much!


“Thank you for introducing us to the concept of blue dress park spaces. It caused us, and continues to inspire us, to rethink our definition of a what a “park” is. We now regularly think about the potential of underutilized spaces when we see them, and because of this new skill, you have given us a greater appreciation of our world.”    — Lori and Chris Joas