Jun 212015

Celebrating 15 years of Blue Dress Park. What used to be an overlooked slab of concrete has since developed into a symbol of overlooked cultural resources. On June 30th, 2000 Paul Druecke christened Blue Dress Park by inviting people to gather in the space. In doing so he temporarily changed perceptions about the urban environment. Now after 15 years in the making, the park serves as an emblem for the poetic potential of neighborhood amenities.

With this selection of photos we look back to where it began and thank everyone who has supported us along the way. Look for coming details on an event in late August.

Image selection: Laura Hunter and Elizabeth Rath. Photo credits: Pete DiAntoni.

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The current newsletter is currently available at select locations around Milwaukee as well as through Publication Studio in Portland Oregon. Thanks to Patricia No and Antonia Pinter for sending us their book purchase take-away pic. We’d like to also thank our sponsors for making Volume II possible.


May 312015

Photo by Jenna Knapp

On September 21st, 2014 Milwaukeeans gathered for the second annual Blue Dress Cup Competition. Through a series of athletic events, artists from around the city battled for the title of Best Artist in Milwaukee. The competitors tested the time-honored artistic qualities of Sensitivity, Judgement, and Authenticity in a game of basketball, a performative interpretation of the park, and a role-swapping event in which they had the opportunity to judge the judges. In the end, Tia Richardson was awarded the cup and the title.

The group of competitors was comprised of Tia Richardson, Alice Waraxa, Neil Gasparka, Kathryn Wilson Elisabeth Albeck, and Jeff Suddendorf. The event was judged by Dana Basset from Bad At Sports, Jeremy Fojut from Newaukee, Renato Umali of the Umali Awards, and Murray the Best Artist in Milwaukee of 2013. MC Adam Carr hosted the event. Blue Dress Cup was in coordination with Doors Open Milwaukee.

The Best Artist Reception will be held later in 2014 to honor the achievements of Richardson and the other constants.

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Photos by Jenna Knapp


May 312015

secondThe Friends of Blue Dress park newsletter is now available! Take a look at the digital version on our Newsletter page, or if you would like to request a print version email us at info@bluedresspark.org